We have an exceptional team at Aglow but our intention was always to continue to strengthen it, and grow the business within India's hospitality and events market

Ashwani Gupta

Managing Director

Ashwani has more than 20-years of extensive experience in executive management, consulting and finance with AGLOW, a privately held, full-service catering and events company. He has demonstrated expertise in planning, marketing, business development, administration, team building, cost control and development of controls and procedures.

Ashwani has a winning record of simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction and company profitability by building and directing great teams and equipping them with top-notch technology. He has held leadership roles in customer service, operations and risk management.

Ashwani coordinates among various departments of the organization for complete harmony and best results. He keeps pushing the Training and Development teams to innovate and better the product every single time

Gaurav Sharma

Managing Director

Gaurav is a seasoned corporate marketing professional, with 20 years’ experience in corporate banking, structured finance and acquisitions. He has an established track record in deal-making across geographies and sectors. Before joining AGLOW, he was an Head of Corporate and Project Finance at American Express.

Gaurav has included experience in about every role in the business. Food and service have always been key passions but what he really enjoys about hospitality is the people you come into contact with, the huge range of staff and clients is what really makes the job so much fun.

Gaurav feeds on challenges and makes sure all the situations in the organization are dealt appropriately and for the betterment of the organization. He ensures best trade practices are followed and we exceed the client’s expectations every single time.